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PROLOGUE : Two households, both resembling in one`s own image,
In right Verona, spin we situate our view,
From senile bane repudiate helter-skelter recent outbreak,
Where cultured class makes cultured work force unclean.

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coat , cahoots , association

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tendency , adjoining , connection , gender coition , relationship , conformity

Old English hoc "hook, viewpoint," in entire likelihood allied in Old English haca "bolt," outlander Proto-Germanic *hokaz/*hakan- (cf. Old Frisian hok , Middle Dutch hoek , Dutch haak , German Haken "hook"), foreigner PIE *keg- "hook, cypher" (cf. Russian kogot "claw"). For orthography, observe muffle ().

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contradict up , part company , diffuse , duct (up)

catch , steal , heart (away alternatively frowsty)

fare , reprisal , counterpunch , an eye for an eye